Forum is a communications and design company dedicated to producing compelling brand initiatives built on strategic thinking, powerful creative and dedicated client service.

We're here to make communication better and easier for you and your stakeholders. We do this by applying smart thinking, refined design and engaging messaging. The result - work that drives change and moves the needle. Whether it's naming companies, corporate reporting or multi-medium marketing campaigns - our client's interests drive every decision we make.

1. Assess

We begin every project by gaining a thorough understanding of your business and objectives. What you're about, where you have been and where you want to go. Then we review which elements of your brand are working for you and identify where new opportunities exist.

2. Distill

We explore what you want to say, what you should say and what you need to say. We do our homework - researching, questioning, gathering, and analyzing to create a solid foundation that we can then build upon.

3. Map

We then build a strategy; a fact-based tailored solution. It supports all aspects of your brand, including research findings, key messaging and target audience insights. Once there is a solid understanding of the strategy and tactics, we begin the creative process.

4. Create

We generate powerful ideas that build smart, relevant, stand-out brands and communications. From written and visual content, to paper and pixels, all elements work together to effectively support your business objectives.

5. Produce

We deliver our strategy through strong execution and seamless implementation. Project management guides the process, ensuring the seamless coordination of multiple timelines, deliverables and budgets. We source the right suppliers for print and digital production, and apply quality control to every tactic.

6. Sustain

We map out and execute the strategy in a way that can be successfully maintained. We use selected mediums and messaging that best engage your audience. We measure project success, encourage dialogue with your audiences and make ongoing refinements as needed.


Communications & Marketing Plans
Brand Positioning & Strategy
Visual Identity Development & Collateral
Marketing & Communications Collateral
- Digital, Print & Spatial Application
Corporate Reporting
- Print & Digital Application
Stakeholder Awareness Campaigns
- Internal & External Application


Brand Strategy
Cross Platform Communications & Marketing Strategy
Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Account Direction & Project Management
Production Development & Management
- Print, Digital, Video & Audio
Copywriting & Editing
Photography & Illustration