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Grace Walker


Grace is a creator. Balancing research with design, she creates work with thought and purpose that translates client ideas into creative solutions. She’s not afraid to think out of the box to combine strategic objectives with a fresh perspective. Grace invests her whole self in her work, from the big picture to the smallest detail, no project is given less than 100%.

Grace has been involved in projects that range from creating a full brand platform to building upon existing brands to expand what was previously thought possible. She’s skilled in UX design and has an instinct for understanding the end user and their needs. Her ability translates through medias, and whether it’s web design or creating posters for print, she develops client ideas into meaningful outcomes no matter the platform.  

Her work has been recognized by the RGD and the Advertising and Design Club of Canada for her expertise in user experience and graphic design. Grace is also involved in the GDC and has recently hosted and moderated an event showcasing women in design. Inside and outside the office, her work has impact.

"As a road cyclist, I'm constantly striving to be more efficient, precise, and strategic on the bike. Asking myself 'is there a better way to do this?' is essential to success not only in cycling, but also in design."