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Kirstie Lush


Kirstie is the definition of an overachiever. She takes challenges in stride and prides herself in applying her resourceful approach to all areas of life. From social media and data analytics to copywriting, staying engaged is never hard when you’re learning and sharing with those around you. With a right-brain background but a left-brain flair, she has a unique perspective in this industry that can combine innovative thinking with the bottom line. Think Commerce degree specializing in finance with Harry Potter like imagination.

She began her journey in the start-up world, working in small teams with big ideas. She grew to love the fast-paced world of everything digital, and learned the importance of blending data with art. Her favourite projects are ones where she can be involved from beginning to end, working with the client to find intelligent brand solutions that support their company vision. Unafraid of trying new things, she’s resourceful and revels in a good day of research.

"I love to learn. Whether it's through personal study, taking a course, or experiencing other cultures on my travels, I think broadening your perspective is important at work or play."