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Kylie Henry


Kylie is a visual designer, creative catalyst, and communications pro, who brings right-brained energy to all of her projects. She helps clients earn meaningful relationships with their customers by combining her strong business sense with a sophisticated visual craft.

She is a skilled designer with a sharp strategic eye, creating brands with big-picture muscle that filters down to the tiniest detail. Kylie brings a unique perspective to design having begun her career in New Zealand and producing work for companies within North American, Asia/Pacific and European markets. Her work has been awarded by leading global industry associations, and has earned a reputation with clients and colleagues as a gifted communicator, reliable collaborator, and creative visionary.

Now designing in Calgary, Kylie’s expertise includes brand strategy, creative direction and graphic and digital design. She has worked with a diverse client roster; from multinational corporations and retail brands, to non-profits and educational institutions, she’s seen it all.

With 15 years of design experience Kylie has honed her craft, continues to push creative and has an impressive portfolio to boot.

"I am inspired by all forms of visual art to a point that teeters on obsessive. Being engrossed in the craft of creative communication; at the studio, at a gallery, or on the other side of the world, gives me an edge that my client work can’t help but make the most of."