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Susan Zebedee


Susan is a design and communications veteran. Driven by detail and design, from concept to completion she specializes in the art of execution. As an innate problem solver, Susan focuses on many of the technical aspects of the industry, with particular expertise in production. She works closely with the team to create work that fully embodies a business' objectives both aesthetically and strategically.

Starting out with an interest in print, her love of every day being a little different has developed into a wealth of expertise in the marketing and communications field. She is skilled in project and resource management, and takes pride in finding impactful solutions that can enact a change in the perception of end users. She has worked on both local and international award-winning campaigns and has earned herself a reputation for attention to detail, efficiency, and collaborative spirit.

Over her career Susan has developed extensive experience in print production, corporate branding, wayfinding, and environmental design and production.

With over 20 years experience, she has an impressive creative portfolio, and a list of strong, client and supplier relationships built on successful projects.

"I’ve always been very observant, and notice little subtleties that others don’t. This has come into play with much of my work as I have a different way of looking at things. I value authenticity, consistency and transparency in all aspects of my life, and my work is no exception."
PHotography: Trevor Lalonde