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ARC is an industry leader. They continually look to add value to their processes, with a strong focus on employee safety. ARC’s HSER Manager approached us to develop an app to help streamline information and support field safety.

The HSER department’s volume of documentation was extensive. With thousands of documents, manuals, and binders spread out throughout the company, it was challenging for employees to access the information, as well as for the HSER team to administrate and update them.

The solution developed was to build an app and complementary website to house AIMS (ARC’s Integrated Management System). AIMS serves as a data repository for all HSER documents, policies and procedures. Every employee, in the field or office, will have access to all documents via their phone, tablet or computer.

Step one was to develop a robust sitemap detailing how the app content would be structured, and optimize the user experience to get to where they needed to in as few clicks as possible.

Once the sitemap was approved, we set to work creating a sub brand for the management system which was distinct, yet complementary to ARC’s parent brand. We then applied this new sub brand to the app and website.

A logo for AIMS was created. It consists of four arrows directed towards a central focal point. This symbolized the integrated management system in that it brings information from numerous areas into one succinct application. It also represented the universal symbol for health and safety, a symmetrical cross.

ARC AIMS mobile health and safety app showing processes for risk management in the oil and gas company

We took a clean approach to the user interface design, enabling the user to easily access the information they needed quickly and confidently.

AIMS’ nine focus areas are prominently displayed on the homepage along with easy access to high traffic or emergency content via the page header and main menu.

A critical requirement of the app was that it needed to be fully operational in remote areas with no cell service.

In response to this, AIMS content is curated based on a user’s role and region so that the app only shows content that is specific to them. This makes relevant content easier to access for the user and doesn’t overload their device with unnecessary information.

To up the convenience for a field worker, a QR code reader was built into the app, to correspond to QR codes placed on all field equipment.

This functionality allows employees to scan the codes on a specific piece of equipment and the app would take the user to the relevant operational procedure. This functionality not only increases safe operations, but also increases operational efficiencies and supervisor's ability to track worker's engagement. The app also had the ability to send push notifications such as updates, or emergencies to keep everyone in touch at all times.

ARC AIMS app mobile QR code scanner on equipment that lets users find specific safety information quickly
ARC's Integrated Management system site specific procedures for health and safety in oil and gas
Tablet view on ipad of the ARC AIMS home page screen with all 9 departments of the integrated management system
Desktop scrolling view of the ARC AIMS health and safety app that details processes for employees on oil and gas worksites

Not all of the content within the app is text. Numerous flowcharts and graphics were rebuilt and optimized to fit varying screen sizes to ensure a seamless user experience no matter which platform the information was accessed from.

We also incorporated photography from a photoshoot we directed at some of their field locations.

Photography was incorporated into AIMS' design in a support role to not detract from the vast and technical content. We took a strong and grounded approach to the colour treatment of the photography which allowed the key written and icon content to have clear prominence.

PHotography: Jason Stang
Corporate swag popsocket phone holder promotion item for ARC Resources to launch the AIMS app to employees
Hardhat decal for oil and gas field workers to wear after the launch of ARC Resources AIMS integrated management system app
Powerpoint design for ARC Resources app launch listing interactivity features in video format by Studio Forum in Calgary
Portable blue speaker corporate swag for ARC resources AIMS app launch given to employees by Studio Forum

We executed an internal launch to get ARC employees excited and educated about using the new digital platforms.

The custom launch materials including a launch video and presentation, branded speakers, phone accessories and hard hat decals.

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