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Paul McCormick has been in the landscaping business for 30+ years, and has built his company on the back of exceptional work and word-of-mouth referrals. However, the company never established a brand and as Paul looks towards the future, he recognized something needed to change for the business to continue to succeed.

Our Principal Katherine had some frank conversations with Paul about how his lack of a brand was impacting his business after seeing his amazing work in person—this set the rebrand in motion.

After spending hours with Paul learning about what make Green Escape a leader in the landscaping space, we presented him a selection of logos and colour palettes that reflected his company’s attributes.

Where artistry
and function create
perfect harmony

Logo design by Studio Forum for Green Escape designs, a landscape design and construction company in Calgary Alberta

The chosen logo colours are green—one grounded, one lively. The typeface is a blend of the traditional and the modern, and sits alongside a monogram icon of the letters 'G' and 'E'. The icon is inspired by the birds eye view of the landscape architecture plans and textured like foliage.

We wanted the logo to be a timeless reflection of Paul’s approach of creating outdoor spaces that look like they’ve always meant to be there.

Textural background details and fine detail drawings are woven throughout the site as accent points.

Icon design for Green Escape designs by Studio Forum in Calgary Alberta of a flower
Icon design for Green Escape designs by Studio Forum in Calgary Alberta of a lotus flower
Icon design for Green Escape designs by Studio Forum in Calgary Alberta of a tree

Every Green Escape project begins with hand sketched plans of all the elements that will be part of the landscape.

We created digital illustrations that combined Paul’s actual sketches with photography and architectural paint textures. This helped Green Escape stand out amongst their competitors while profiling Paul’s artistic vision is on every aspect of a project—from start to finish.
Custom iconography construction
Custom icon tree
Custom icon bench
Custom icon water and fire
Custom icon rock
Custom icon fence

Keeping Paul’s artistic style at the forefront, we created sub brands with icons for each of the six different service offering.

It was important to define and differentiate the company’s offerings so people could easily understand the breadth of what was available to them.

We also got to have a little fun with the copy, developing a playful, almost whimsical tone to reflect the company’s personality and end result a client would experience.

Animated web design of the home page of Green Escapes Design website by Studio Forum in Calgary Alberta
The most fulsome expression of the brand can be seen on the company’s website.
We curated the user experience through an intuitive sitemap, and wove key messages, client testimonials and project photography throughout the site.
A timeline was created showing from when Green Escape first opened its doors in 1984 through to today.
We showcased their most significant projects, and some of their key growth milestones and community involvement.
Case studies were an essential part of the website to visually display the quality work the company has completed.
We highlighted the services utilized, the vision, and the results all supported with photography. The process was also detailed so that prospective clients could clearly understand what it would look like if they were to engage Green Escape.
About Us
Green Escape Designs website design of garden themed history of the company
Green Escape Designs website gallery design showing residential portfolio items
Gallery Feature
Green Escape Designs web design showing a gallery page backyard garden patio by Studio Forum
Garden Landscape Design company stationary business card design by Studio Forum for Green Escape Designs

To round out the brand experience, we also developed templates for Green Escape to use in their accounting software, business cards, and e-signatures to ensure that all points of contact had been considered and were consistent with the brand.

Finally, we put Green Escape on social media. We chose Instagram as the best platform for them to be able to reach potential clients, and created templates for them to easily update and post themselves in the future.

Green Escape Designs garden landscape construction instagram account design by Studio Forum Calgary
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Copywriting: Melanie Woytiuk-Mckay & Anne Georg
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