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CITO Energy Law

From moment one of meeting Tony and Jay, we know that we had been introduced to a value aligned partner. The duo were hungry to create a law firm that was client centric, removed the large firm billing model and created a bold impact. We were sold at hello.

After taking the duo through discovery sessions uncovering their unique attributes and market position, we developed a name and creative platform for the company.
Law firm name visual explanation combining the founders last names into the latin word meaning swift

CITO means ‘swift’ in Latin, a subtle nod to their disruptive model that does away with inefficiencies and celebrates agility. It was also a happy coincidence that it was a contraction of their surnames Cioni and Todesco.

‘CITO’ immediately resonated with the legal team.
The creative platform of CITO needed to capture their global experience, and also highlight their local expertise. A rare combination of skills within a Canadian energy law firm. We created:

Worldly instincts. Local insights.

We began developing CITO's visual identity by designing their logo. We were inspired by the iconic Roman era engraved typography from the founder's common heritage of Italy. This classic typography became the base of the logo's monogram icon–a stylized version of the letterform ‘C’–expressing CITO’s substantial and multidimensional legal expertise with a modern twist, quite literally.

The twisting of the ‘C’ icon in the logo (which the client lovingly calls ‘the macaroni’) demonstrates that CITO approaches business with flexibility and legal negotiations from all angles.

Vibrant yellow and steady grey were chosen as the primary colour palette, expressing their out-of-the-box thinking that’s grounded in steadfast experience and expertise.

Custom illustrations have become the visual hallmark of CITO’s brand.

We illustrated landscapes from countries they have particular experience in: Canada, China, Russia and Algeria. As CITO enters into negotiations with, and on behalf of, organizations in different countries, applying their deep understanding of legal and cultural nuances is a key differentiator. Each image has a unique artistic flare, reflective of their unique, and highly skilled approach.

Custom illustrations
Unique Cito Energy Law corporate letterhead in Calgary featuring custom black and white illustrations from around the world
Textural black and white illustrations from around the world on corporate brand business cards for Cito Energy law in Calgary

A stationary package and website landing page was developed bringing the brand to digital life. We also created strong company positioning copy, giving an overview of who CITO is and what makes them stand apart from the crowd to potential clients.

Since inception, the company has grown and evolved in their service offerings. We are currently working with them in defining their brand's structural hierarchy, and will be launching their full website soon.

"Forum created a great marketing platform that helped us shape not only our approach to customers, but also our understanding of what we are as a business."

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Copywriting: Melanie WoYtiuk-Mckay