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Canadian Public Relations Society

Every year, the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) holds a national conference in a different Canadian host city. After winning a competitive pitch process, we partnered with CPRS to develop a brand and marketing plan for its Banff conference.

We began by developing a comprehensive marketing and communications plan defining elements such as key messaging, target audiences, along with defining marketing tactics over the span of a year to drive delegate attendance.

From there we developed a conference name, playing off delegate’s professional ascension as well as reflecting the iconic mountains of Banff.

Event branding Ascend
This concept began to take visual shape in the form of the event logo. Showing both the physical location and aspirational nature of the conference.
There’s a slight distressed texture applied to the graphics reflecting the nostalgia of Banff and its natural setting, as well as people needing to roll up their sleeves and get to work to enhance their craft.

The research and associated marketing plan noted a big draw to the conference was the location. The venue was surrounded by the incredible Rocky Mountains, holding both historical significance and natural beauty.

The visual identity took shape from this point taking inspiration from original Canadian Pacific tourism posters popularized in the 1930’s, but with a modern edge. This aesthetic came to life in the form of custom illustrations, using earth toned blues and greens associated with the mountain lakes and evergreen trees, paired with strong headlines and contemporary typography.

Digital Illustration

We added communications depth to various tactics by presenting the key benefits of the conference in the form of custom designed icons that were also reimagined into a tote bag design.

This visual aesthetic was applied to a variety of tools and tactics created leading up to the event throughout the year, as well as during the event.

Tactics included: postcards, social media, digital marketing pieces, custom illustrated tote bags, lanyards, printed and digital onsite signage and a printed program.

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Copywriting: Melanie Woytiuk-Mckay