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Jupiter Resources

After a competitive pitch process, we were thrilled to partner with this group of high-achievers. Since day one of meeting Jupiter, every decision and contribution validated that the company was comprised of extremely thoughtful people, with deep thinking and rationale behind everything they do.

We knew that every piece of their brand identity had to match that level of thoughtfulness. Even their name, Jupiter, was the perfect choice for a natural gas company—the gas planet, and the harnesser of energy in ancient Roman mythology.

So we set out to create a brand as unique as the people that work there, and one that truly reflects their highly engaged, overwhelmingly positive company culture.
That sentiment in two words:

positive energy

To create Jupiter's colour palette, we pulled inspiration from both their work as well as their namesake. Each colour represents their unique attributes.

Studio Forum Jupiter moleculeCustom graphic
Circles became a key design element, as they evoked both the celestial path of the company’s namesake, and the molecular structure of natural gas.

We leveraged the number four – the four large moons of Jupiter, and the four hydrogen molecules that surround carbon, and make up natural gas.

Studio Forum Jupiter graphic
The final key visual element was an abstract illustration of the gas clouds on planet Jupiter.

We presented two completely designed out brand package options so the client could see how each concept would come to life across all collateral.

The chosen concept was expressed in a website with highly unique designs and functionalities not traditionally seen in the energy brand space.

interactive map design of operating locations for Jupiter Resources natural gas in Alberta Canada of active wells and history
About Us page
website design of about page for natural gas energy company Jupiter Resources in Calgary
web design what we do page for Jupiter Resources natural gas company showing operating locations and deep basin information
Mobile interactive website design timeline history of natural gas company Jupiter Resources by Studio Forum in Calgarymobile web design of natural gas company energy facts information in calgary canada by studio forum
Using the newly defined brand identity, the website incorporates subtle motion and animations to convey a sense of energy and momentum.
Custom winter hat toque design with company name given to employees for corporate rebrand by Stuio Forum
Space technology graphics on business cards for an oil and gas company in Calgary Alberta called Jupiter Resources
Swell water bottle given as swag for a corporate rebrand of an energy company in Calgary Alberta
Corporate presentation powerpoint design showing the executive leadership team of Calgary energy company Jupiter Resources
Custom retro hat toque design given to employees for corporate rebrand of an energy company

We created a stationery package in both print and digital formats. We also created custom toques and water bottles so the staff could show off their Jupiter brand pride.

A photoshoot with the Jupiter team allowed us to showcase the company’s engaged workforce, and give a sense of daily life in their offices.

PHotography: Jason Stang
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