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Yoga Santosha

Santosha came to us to create a brand that reflected their studio experience of being warm, inviting, and restorative.

Studio owners Candace and Alistair craved a brand to help tell the unique story of their studio and attract new clients.

As citizens of the world, the duo had many ideas of what they wanted the brand to be. We spent hours learning about what makes Santosha unique and reflected it back to them in mood boards to ensure we were all on the same page.

let your contentment

Watercolour custom graphic

We introduced earth tone inspired pastels emitting the warm grounded nature of both the practice and the studio.

The teal, beige and stone grey emit feelings of being light, welcomed and calm – all of which a client experiences when experiencing Santosha. The colours were given life and shape through the custom illustrations and watercolour graphics, inspired by hand carved Indian wood block printing.

Yoga santosha icon tealYoga santosha icon greenYoga santosha icon grayYoga santosha icons colour palette
Yoga Santosha brand evolution
Animated graphics

The breadth of service offerings that Santosha has is extensive. A thoughtful brand framework was a necessity to help guide a client through all they offer. We defined and expressed the four service groupings through icons which can be seen in brand collateral.

MindBody integration on fitness website
The site had 100+ pages, needed to be tied into their management platform ‘MindBody’, their email subscription platform, as well as carry an extensive blogging functionality.
We developed a robust website sitemap and content strategy to guide a user through vast amounts of content in as few clicks as possible.

The web design balances out the brand’s emotive experience as well as highlights its functional content and is complemented with tonally on-point copy.
Home page
Health and wellness website example
Studio Page
Yoga website example
Printed collateral was created in the form of business cards, postcards and posters. Rounding out the brand experience whether interacting with Santosha online or in the studio.
Finally, we created a brand guidelines for the studio to reference to ensure all future communications material was consistent.
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Copywriting: Nicolle St Amand | Development: Vog
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