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Talisman Energy

When Talisman approached us, they were in the midst of making some big changes. They had recently gone through a significant management change and needed to reinvigorate and align the employee base to support the company’s new direction. We were happy to rise to the challenge and support this transition in a variety of employee centric ways.

Our first task was to create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

The essence of an EVP is defining what a company tangibly and intangibly gives to their employees, and what the employees return to the company in kind. In order to authentically create the EVP this we needed to understand the goals and priorities from both a corporate and employee perspective.

There were some digital surveys from prior years referenced, but we knew this delicate process also needed a personal touch. So we went old school and did a ton of one-on-one interviews with employees from a range of roles and geographic locations. We needed to ensure all perspectives were taken into consideration from the C-suite, to the rig derrick.

Our next step was to consolidate our findings and define the foundational pillars of the EVP. Each pillar was populated with tangible actions and proof points that would allow the findings to come to life, this also acted as a road map for the HR team and the companies employee branding. We brought this EVP to life with a creative platform that reflected our findings in a meaningful, concise and relatable way:

A Different Kind of Fuel

We heard from everyone that people wanted to go back to the good old Talisman days – where they were lean, resourceful and empowered.

And the key really was about utilizing employee’s unique skillsets and perspectives, it really was about the people.‘A Different Kind of Fuel’ is a play off the product Talisman produces (hydrocarbon) but flips the perspective to that of the employees being the fuel that runs the company.

We developed an internal brand that to represented getting back to basics, stripping away fluffy jargon and stock photography, and focus on what Talisman did best: hire great people who excelled at their role. The internal brand tactics came to life across a few different platforms including a microsite, an on-boarding package, poster series, and swag.

After the EVP was complete, Talisman went through a company re-organization that required various supportive communications and tactics.

They now needed to define and build out what this new corporate culture looked like in action. Employee engagement was paramount to the company, and they began with an event at Flames Central (now Palace Theatre) to re-infuse the team with renewed energy. As an aspirational nod towards the company taking their rightful industry leadership position once again we titled the event:

This is our field. Team Talisman

We designed custom t-shirts, a belly band to attach a custom embossed notebook to an inspirational book (From Good to Great by Jim Collins), and plastered the theatre multimedia screens in green EVP messaging from floor to ceiling.

Another initiative of importance to the management team was for employees to participate in the Calgary Corporate Challenge. Pulling from the EVP platform, and the company mandated mascot of a hedgehog, set out to produce the highest participation rate Talisman had ever seen, all wrapped around the sub brand of:

Fuelled by the win

To raise event awareness, we developed some fun guerilla type marketing tactics.

We put team talisman t-shirt decals on the mirrors in the bathrooms so that when people looked in the mirror, it would look like they were wearing the kit. We also executed a midnight desk drop and postering throughout the office with playful and motivating copy encouraging people to participate, to feature specific events and to highlight team captains.

To build on this traction we also created a custom jumbo fuel gauge in the elevator lobby and reception that was ‘filled’ at different milestones reflecting people signing up to be on the team.

Each new milestone unlocked a new motivational headline.For those who participated, they received custom t-shirts, noise bangers, and hats. The visual solidarity of Team Talisman was indisputable.

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Copywriting: Melanie WoYtiuk-Mckay